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Balance mobility is a family owned and operated complete rehab and mobility store specialising in the supply and hire of mobility and medical aids, rehabilitation and special needs equipment. We have a large range of in-store mobility equipment to suit all needs and requirements.

Balance Mobility provides a complete range of high-grade, reliable mobility equipment Tweed Heads residents can depend on. We are always happy to make product recommendations based on your individual needs. Whether you need to hire a mobility aid on a temporary basis, require long-term hire or you wish to purchase a mobility aid, we will do everything possible to ensure you end up with the right solution.

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Mobility aids

Mobility aids are one of the key ways of maintaining (and hopefully improving) mobility. Our selection of sticks, frames (walkers), rollators and crutches provide plenty of options for users to gain the additional support they need to assist with walking, transfers (bed to chair, chair to commode, etc) and completing daily activities.

We offer the following mobility aids:


These include quad-sticks (a cane with four "feet" for additional stability) and foldaway canes that can be neatly stashed in a handbag or backpack until needed. If required, we can also source rigid canes and canes that have been designed for the visually impaired.

Frames and rollators

Unlike a rollator or walker (which usually has four wheels), a walking frame will either have no wheels (so it needs to be lifted between steps), or two wheels (castors) at the front which give a gliding movement to the frame.

Our rollators come with a wide range of accessories, including options with a seat (for a rest on the go), a storage bag, flat trolley shelves, a walking stick holder or a combination of these features.


Elbow and auxiliary crutches are available to own or rent.

Mobility scooters

Powered by an electric battery, mobility scooters are a great way of retaining independence and increasing the distance someone with limited mobility can travel. Scooters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from smaller, foldable units that are perfect for stowing in the boot, through to larger units that can be used for independent travel for a considerable distance; some of our scooters have a battery capable of propelling users up to 50km between charges.

Factors to consider when purchasing or hiring a mobility scooter


If you intend to lift the scooter in and out of a vehicle, lighter is better!


Some scooters are nippy enough for use indoors, others are better suited to outdoor use.

Reach and speed

Users wishing to venture further afield at higher speeds will require a more powerful scooter.

Driving experience and seat contours

If you have a weak grip, for example, or require a specific shape to accommodate your physical needs, we will recommend a scooter that will work for you. Some people may need a seat with a back and arms, while others will prefer just a back or some other configuration.


You may also wish to consider whether a cover for the scooter will be needed (both for storage purposes and during use), as well as the need for luggage space and/or a ramp.

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