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Equipment & Wheelchair Hire

For those with a recent injury or mobility concern, you have the option to hire mobility equipment products, from wheelchairs to mobility scooters and more from Balance Mobility. We carry a massive selection of online and in-store equipment at our Biggera Waters and Tweed Heads locations. If you are looking for short-term, medium-term or long-term rentals, we can provide a cost-effective and convenient solution. Our friendly team will help you find the right equipment to suit your needs.

When might you need a wheelchair?

There are many occasions when you might need a wheelchair where previously one wasn’t required. As well as following an accident or surgery, other circumstances in which you might need a wheelchair include:

  • Plans to travel, which will mean encountering greater distances than current mobility permits.
  • A relative is coming to visit who has limited mobility.
  • Providing respite to someone who has diminished mobility.
  • Convalescing after an illness that has had the effect of reducing mobility temporarily.

We offer local delivery throughout the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Australia-wide delivery is also available! 

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Different Types of Wheelchairs

Not all wheelchairs are the same! Depending on the user, there are several different options. If you’re not sure which one is going to be best, our team is happy to advise.

Some of the most popular types of wheelchairs include:

We also have a range of accessories, including footrests, headrests and lumbar supports. These can be fitted onto a wheelchair to provide a more customised solution.

Equipment & Wheelchair Pickup & Delivery
Balance Mobility can deliver and pick up hire items at times convenient to you. Delivery fees apply which varies by location. Please contact our friendly staff for more information if you require delivery.

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Equipment & Wheelchair Hire Rates

If you need to hire rehabilitation or mobility equipment, we offer competitive weekly rates for short term rentals. For medium-term and long-term rentals, discounted rates apply to all hire equipment. Rental bonds apply to all hire equipment and will be refunded upon the return of undamaged equipment. Please note: all hire equipment is subject to store availability.

View Our Equipment & Wheelchair Hire Document

All products are indicative only of the equipment which will be supplied. Actual equipment may vary from time to time. Equipment and specifications will be similar to the item shown here.

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Wheelchair Hire FAQs

Yes! Modern wheelchairs are designed to be lightweight and easy to collapse so that they can fit into a standard-sized car. Depending on upper body strength, some people may need assistance with this.

In the short term, wheelchairs don’t need much maintenance. Aside from wiping it down every so often to remove dirt and dust, the durable materials and low-maintenance design of a modern wheelchair mean that little other care is required.

Wheelchairs come with the option of tires that don’t need to be kept pumped up, and the materials used are resistant to wear caused by water, UV light or temperature changes.

Particularly if you’re hiring for someone else, it can be difficult to work out which chair is going to be best, especially if the person using it can’t reach us to try it out. In the event that the chair isn’t suitable, let us know and we will try to find you one that suits you. In some cases, the addition of suitable accessories can go a long way towards making a chair more suitable.

Whilst conventional wheelchairs aren’t suitable for showering, we do have a commode/shower chair for hire that’s specifically designed for use in the shower. It offers an easy to use, hygienic solution, enabling users to shower whilst sitting down, and without the risk that a bathroom transfer might present.