Powerchair Folding – Sunrise Medical Quickie® Q50 R Carbon


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Travel lighter with QUICKIE’s lightest carbon folding powerchair.

Carbon fiber is a highly durable and lightweight material that is used in the construction of some of the lightest objects on Earth, such as the Q50 R Carbon folding powerchair. This powerchair is one of the world’s lightest and weighs only 14.5 kg. Its stunning design is complemented by its excellent shock-absorbing capabilities, thanks to the carbon frame’s ability to flex naturally over uneven surfaces. This feature provides a smooth and efficient ride, making the Q50 R Carbon a truly captivating and impressive piece of technology.

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Looking for a reliable travel companion for your long-haul getaways, family breaks, or daily commute? Look no further than the Q50 R Carbon powerchair. Made from premium carbon fiber and weighing only 14.5 kg (excluding the battery), this chair is easy to lift and carry. It’s also foldable in seconds, making it easy to store in tight spaces without removing the battery. With a range of up to 24 km and robust, reliable performance, this powerchair will get you from A to B (and even to Z) effortlessly. 

Width: 570 mm
Length: 923 mm
Seat Width: 440 mm
Seat Depth: 420 mm
Backrest Height: 464 mm
Castor Wheel: 165 mm
Drive Wheel: 210 mm
Colours: Carbon Fibre
Max. Range:12 km (one battery), 24 km (with optional additional battery)
Speed:6 km/h
Batteries:10Ah lithium-Ion
Max Kerb Climb:40 mm
Total Weight: From 14.5 kg (without batteries)
Maximum User Weight:136 kg