Mobility Scooter Accessories: Which Are Best?

If you’ve recently bought a mobility scooter, you’re probably looking forward to getting out and about with your new aid. Without the right accessories, though, your trips won’t be as convenient or versatile as they could be! What sort of accessories are the best to choose? We’ve put together this blog detailing the top mobility scooter accessories that will make your travel more enjoyable, smooth and hassle-free than expected.

Invacare Portable Ramp

These ramps are made with a combination of glass and carbon fibre to create a strong, lightweight and versatile product. Their design is held together with a patented system of hinges locked together by webbing. They’re tested to the highest possible standards, can bear up to 300kg and be deployed in a matter of seconds, without any need for assembly. They’re also designed to be quickly folded into a single unit, and easily transported or stored at home or in your vehicle. And you won’t need to worry about using your ramp in wet weather, as it features a safe, non-slip surface.

These ramps come in four models, and in a range of sizes, including:

  • Personal: a lightweight, portable ramp that facilitates easy access at home and at work.
  • Multipurpose: a longer, wider ramp which is designed for commercial and travel uses.
  • Senior: flexible ramps able to manage a range of obstacles.
  • Edge barrier limiter: reinforced with edge barriers, allowing for easy access on trains, buses and in buildings.

Mobility Scooter Bag

Add the perfect storage space for your belongings with a mobility scooter bag. These canvas bags fit comfortably over your seat and can safely hold your possessions for convenient travel.

Mobility Scooter Canopy

Protect yourself and your scooter from the elements with a durable canopy. Made from strong, waterproof canvas, this canopy is designed to shield you from the sun and rain for convenient travel whenever required. Canopies can be fitted with rear shopping bags, making running errands or having a day out more convenient than ever before, and they’re available in a great range of sizes and colours to suit your own style and preferences.

Mobility Scooter Cover

Keep your scooter protected overnight or when it’s not in use with a durable scooter cover. It’s so easy to use and guarantees complete coverage for your scooter whenever and wherever you need it.

Mobility Scooter Flag

Improve your visibility for other pedestrians and drivers with a mobility scooter flag. They’re easily mounted to your scooter and serve as a great way of navigating busy walkways, congested areas, pedestrian crossings, or locations where visibility is reduced such as car parks. Help alert others of your approach and even reduce accidents with this convenient addition to your scooter.

Mobility Scooter Folding Ramp

Folding ramps are designed to help you access stairs, kerbs, buildings and vehicles. Made from lightweight aluminium, they’re remarkably user-friendly and offer a safe access solution you’ll love. They feature raised edges for improved safety and come with hinged tracks which unfold and can be positioned for ultimate safety and support. These ramps also include two holes for permanent fixtures and come with a central handle for easy transportation and storage.

Need Mobility Scooter Accessories? Choose Balance Mobility

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