How Do You Transport A Power Wheelchair?

Getting a power wheelchair can be something that gives you incredible freedom to go to more places and do more things. However, one thing you do need to consider is how you will transport your power wheelchair. This might not be the easiest thing in the world and it is definitely something you need to think about ahead of time.

Here, you can find some tips on how to plan for transporting your power wheelchair so you can better enjoy the freedom it will bring, wherever you go!

Vehicle Lift

One of the options for transporting your power wheelchair is a vehicle lift. Not all vehicles will be able to accommodate one of these, but many will, and most that will be able to fit a power wheelchair would be suitable for a lift. A vehicle lift works by raising the wheelchair into the vehicle and lowering it back out. However, you will need to consider ahead of time the suitability of your vehicle, and what lifting capacity weight you need. Take into account the weight of your chair, and the model of your vehicle before deciding to go with a vehicle lift.

Accessible Van

A different kind of option is purchasing an accessible van or modifying an existing van. For this to work for a power wheelchair, you will need to have a sliding door on the side of your van. Ideally, this would be able to be opened with a remote control, with a ramp that comes out and down to the ground. In this case, you could also have the back of your van modified in the same manner.

Purchasing an accessible van or adapting an existing van can be quite an expensive undertaking, and might not be suitable if you do not travel often.


For a most cost-effective option, a trailer can also be used to transport a power wheelchair, however, you will need to ensure that this trailer can fully accommodate a chair of your size and weight. This will also only be suitable if you can get out of your chair and travel in the main car. The suitability of this option will, again, rely on the make and model of car that you have. Keep in mind that you will need a suitable way to keep your power wheelchair safe in the trailer while it is in motion, as it will need to be properly secured.

Public Transport

If you do not have access to a car or van, you may need to rely on public transportation. The availability of accessible public transport will depend on where you live, but many public buses and trains have space for power wheelchairs.

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