Why is My Mobility Scooter Not Working?

Mobility scooters can be life-changing for people who can’t stand for long periods or walk very far unaided. However, like any other device, they are prone to breaking down, which is bad news for those who rely on them.

This is why we’ve identified some common problems that can impact the functioning of your mobility scooter and offer advice about what you can do to resolve these issues.

1. The Battery

Many mobility scooter problems are caused by a faulty battery. As most mobility scooters are consistently charged and discharged, the battery slowly starts to lose its ability to hold power. Some, but not all, mobility scooters will automatically alert you once the battery needs a replacement, but it is most likely that a faulty battery is the root cause of a lack of power. We recommend replacing your mobility scooter’s battery and ensuring that it’s properly inserted and securely connected.

2. Motor Problems

The tell-tale sign of there being a problem with your mobility scooter’s motor is when the scooter begins to almost ‘bump’ along as it moves. This ‘bumping’ movement signifies a faulty motor that needs either fixing or replacing to restore smooth movement. Here at Balance Mobility, we can safely look at your scooter’s motor for you and assess whether it needs repairing or replacing. It is worth remembering that we strongly advise against you trying to repair the motor yourself for safety reasons.

3. Tyre Issues

Although they’re designed for endurance and longevity, mobility scooters tyres can still get punctured and do need regular replacement. Having tyres that are too worn can be dangerous, impacting the navigation of the mobility scooter, especially when turning corners. However, they can also negatively impact the effectiveness of your brakes. When it comes to replacing your tyres, you’ll have two options: solid tyres or pneumatic tyres. Solid tyres are more hard-wearing but they’re not as comfortable as pneumatic tyres, so which one your choose will come down to your personal preference.

4. Faulty Ignition Switch

Prone to corrosion, ignition switches on mobility scooters are liable to breaking. Sometimes, the ignition key can get stuck or can even break off inside the switch as a result of the corrosion that takes place, which will prevent you from using the mobility scooter altogether. A mobility scooter expert, like one of our team members at Balance Mobility, will try and retrieve the broken key or can help you replace the ignition switch if the key gets stuck.

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