Rollator – Aspire Vogue Indoor

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December 18, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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Rollator – Aspire Vogue Indoor


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The stylish European designed Aspire Vogue Walkers are a lightweight, versatile range with a sturdy frame and easy to fold locking system, suitable for compact transportation when folded.

key features

Smooth handle-height adjustment – Graduated and numbered shaft automatically locates to pre-set heights – simple and accurate.

No lifting & spillage – instead of walking with a tray in their hands, a user can now collect their meal using the walker and it’s stable tray surface.

Mobile meal table – a user can then transport their meal using the tray on the stable walker to go to where they’d like to sit to have their meal.

Sitting down for a meal – The user can then sit down in their chair, turn the walker around with it’s very tight turning circle and position it comfortably in front of them with their legs between the frame to enjoy their meal.

Braking safety – the brakes are designed so that the seated user can easily reach and apply them (lock / unlock) with one hand to secure the walker at mealtime or when they’re using the walker as a work top for another activity.

Brakes – Ergonomic ‘Soft Touch’ lockable design allows the walker to be secured in place with minimal hand pressure.

Removable Storage Bag – Utensils and other items can be stowed securely away, ideal for transporting personal belongings around the house.

Folding– Slimline design reduces the footprint when folded but allows the folded walker to stand upright on its own.

Manoeuvrability – Easy to push with a very small tight turning circle, catering for difficult corners or hallways

Removable Meal Tray – For versatile use and easy cleaning.

Unbreakable Soft Wheels – High durability with a smooth ride for increased comfort


Overall Height– 860mm – 970mm

Overall Length– 650mm

Overall Width– 540mm

Wheel size – 6″

Total Weight – 5.2kg

Safe Working Load – 110kg

Warranty – 1 yr

Additional information

Champagne, Red

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