Obus High Back Support



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Can provide relief from pain aggravated by poor posture including back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches Removable and adjustable lumbar pad offers additional back support that can be customized for your needs

The unique polycarbonate “S”­shaped frame with polyurethane foam gently supports the natural contours of your spine Polyester cover can be removed and sponge washed

Lightweight and portable, turns any chair into an ergonomic seating system



 Lowback  Highback  Wideback  Seat
 Height  530 mm  780 mm  560 mm  400 mm
 Width  450 mm  430 mm  500 mm  450 mm
 Depth  75 mm  100 mm  75 mm  60 mm


also available in Lowback, Highback,wideback and seat pad


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