Invacare TDX SP2

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The Invacare TDX2 Ultra is the elite, high performance, centre wheel drive power wheelchair.

The perfect mix of functionality, customisation and style that adapts to your body, needs and desired lifestyle.

Equipped with the advanced Ultra Low Maxx seating system and LiNX controls, the TDX2 Ultra will provide outstanding manoeuvrability, exceptional functionality and extensive range of positioning and support options.

Please Enquire for Price as chairs are custom built to suit individual requirements

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The TDX SP2 is tried, tested and tough.

Offering maximum stability and safety, the Stability Lock function ensures all six wheels stay firmly on the ground on uneven terrain.

The patented SureStep® suspension technology enables a smooth ride while negotiating challenging surfaces.

Invacare TDX SP2 users can say “Yes” to mobility and
“No” to compromise.

With an incredibly tight turning radius, thanks to its Centre Wheel Drive, this remarkable wheelbase provides excellent manoeuvrability and an intuitive driving experience.



Seat Width – 12-22″

Seat Depth – 12-24″

Seat Height – 17.25, 18.25, 19.25″

Base Length – 35.5″

Base Width –  24″, 25.5″

Max User Weight –  136kg

Turning Radius – 20″

Max safe slope –  9 degrees

Top Speed – 10km/h, 12km/h

Total Weight from 130kg

Motor Type – 4 Pole

Battery Capacity – Group 22 (50Ah) Group 24 (73Ah)


Shroud and Rim Insert Colours (please see attached brochure for colour palette)

Island Blue, Lights Out Matte-Black, Rockstar Red, White Out, Space Station Silver, Monster Green, Tangy Orange, Invacare Blue, Wet Black, Grape Jelly Bean




TDX SP2 Brochure