Homecraft Queens One-Handed Built-Up Cutlery, Nelson Knife


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This utensil is made of stainless steel and has a built-up handle designed for one-handed eating. It can be used for multiple functions, combining cutlery in one tool. One of these tools is the Nelson Knife, which has a cutting edge that ends in a curved, pronged fork. This design allows for easy pickup of food.

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  • One-handed eating is made possible with this two-in-one tool that combines the functions of a knife and fork
  • Easy to grip, this utensil is lightweight and manageable, providing more independence at meal time
  • With rocker action for cutting, the blade also has prongs at the end that lift food as a fork would
  • Specially designed with a curved blade, the utensil directs food toward the user
  • Constructed with quality stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability. Handle length, 10 cm