How To Register A Mobility Scooter In QLD

If you or a loved one are investing in a mobility scooter, then it’s essential you know the legal requirements for Queensland; this includes making sure to register the scooter like any other vehicle. The process is completely free and is also easier than you might expect. It’s paramount that you know how to register your Queensland mobility scooter as soon as possible, whether it’s for you or your organisation.

When Do I Need to Register a Mobility Scooter?

Registering a mobility scooter guarantees free third-party insurance as well as providing you with a number plate, a special certificate confirming the registration and an information sheet about Queensland’s road rules. While the rules can differ from state to state, mobility scooter users living in Queensland have to register their scooters before using them in public areas.

However, if you’re just visiting the state, you don’t need to do this; conversely, if you move to Queensland, you have 14 days to complete the registration. These scooters don’t require a driver’s licence as users are technically considered pedestrians rather than drivers, but they are still operating a vehicle – so a registration of some kind is absolutely essential.

The criteria for a mobility scooter that requires registration are the same for electric wheelchairs, given the fact they operate under similar principles and circumstances. If the mobility scooter has an electric motor, weighs 150kg or less, is designed to help with mobility issues and travels no faster than 10km/h, it needs registering.

How Do I Register a Queensland Mobility Scooter?

Registering a mobility scooter involves some paperwork, but not a lot, so it’s a simple process that any scooter user should be able to complete with ease. Owners typically complete two documents for registration; the first is a Vehicle Details Inspection Sheet. This gives details about the make and metrics of the scooter, such as its weight and any potential modifications it might have.

The second document is a Motorised Wheelchair Statement which certifies that the user intends to follow the rules to the letter. You’ll also need documents to verify your identity, like a passport or driver’s licence, as well as proof of your address (specifically the one in Queensland where you intend to store the scooter).

The rules are slightly different if you represent an organisation (such as a nursing home) and are hiring a scooter on someone else’s behalf. In this case, the representative proves the company’s existence, usually by a Certificate of Incorporation or business registration, and the legal entity behind it. A business card or official document is also necessary to prove the representative is acting on behalf of the organisation.

Registering your mobility scooter is simply a case of proving who you are and that you understand the rules. At Balance Mobility, we provide mobility aids of all kinds to Queenslanders, and we’re happy to advise you on the registration process. Contact us today and our top team can get you the mobility scooters you need.


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