The SenTech Thera-Turn is a microprocessor controlled, therapeutic Lateral Rotation and controlled Low Air Loss mattress system designed to accommodate a wide range of patient weights.

The lateral rotation feature of the Thera-Turn system supplies a continuous turning motion through sequentially inflating and deflating air cells to rotate the patient up to 40°. This turning motion helps to reduce the risk of pulmonary complications, as well as other medical conditions associated with immobility. Six vertical air cells are individually zipped in place to maintain correct positioning. The outer edge cells (bolsters) remain inflated to help support and position the patient.

The controlled Low Air Loss (LAL) feature provides an optimum temperature environment to assist in patient comfort. LAL therapy is delivered through a patented SenTech Coverlet that provides a flow of diffused air directly to the patient’s skin through thousands of micro-vents. This air flow helps regulate heat and moisture and prevent tissue breakdown. In addition, the mattress fabric is designed to provide an anti-shear surface to minimise skin friction.

key features

treatment and prevention for pulmonary complications and other conditions resulting from immobility
lateral rotation automatically turns patient up to 40 degrees
frequency of turn and cycle control can be set manually for optimal effect and comfort
low air loss improves wound care by minimising moisture and heat build up
hold position for better care giver or nursing access
automatic pressure setting based on patient height and weight or manual setting for custom configurations
whisper quiet electronic controller provides real-time display for mode, duration, extent of turn
in-built maintenance screen to assist with immediate answers