Mattress Alternating – SenTech Stage IV 2000

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August 27, 2018
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August 27, 2018
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Mattress Alternating – SenTech Stage IV 2000



The SenTech Stage IV 2000 is a microprocessor controlled therapeutic mattress replacement system that incorporates alternating pressure and low air loss therapies. The therapies can be combined or operated independently for optimal and customised control.

Therapeutic results are gained from effective pressure redistribution through cyclical inflation and deflation coupled with constant diffused air flow for optimum cooling and drying effects. Incorporating Sensor Technology, the system is sensitive to changes in patient repositioning and automatically adjusts airflow to compensate. This hospital grade system is suited to rapid pressure injury healing or very high risk protection for patients up to 230 kilograms in weight.

key features

dynamic alternating pressure relief to address pressure through reactive hyperaemia
true low air loss to address moisture and heat build up, and assist in patient healing and comfort
Flexible Air Floatation to provide a constant cushion of air for interface pressures far below a standard mattress
Fowler Boost for automatic pressure adjustment for inclined or seated patients
ultra quiet electronic controller providing a real-time display of air pressure for both inflated and deflated air cells
controller includes in-built help key for immediate user assistance or system information
quilted, breathable, patented top coverlet proven as one of the leading anti-shear surfaces available
165 mm high cells with 38 mm foam base.

Safe Working Load – 20kg to 230kg (single)

Pressure Care Risk – High to Very High Risk

Overall Length – 2032mm (single)

Overall Width – 915mm (single)

Overall Height – 216mm (single)

Warranty – 2 yrs

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