Body Assist Arthritis Gloves

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August 9, 2018
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Body Assist Arthritis Gloves


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Super soft compression gloves for improved circulation & assisted relief from arthritis, hand fatigue, pain, swelling and cold hands. Try a pair today, you will not regret it.


A breathable fabric blend of cotton & spandex Lycra.

May reduce pain & alleviate hand stiffness.

Non-slip & invisible grip dots help you to hold on to things.

Open fingertips offer free motion & flexibility even when using electronic hand held devices.

Ideal for arthritis, hand fatigue, daily activities, or for just staying warm.

Helps to minimize aches & stiffness in people who use their hands all day.

Suits Men or Women.


Washable & hygienic.

Can be beneficial to Computer Users, Draughtsmen, Motorcyclists, Machinists, Painters, Musicians, Drivers, Fishermen, Sports people, Carpenters, Assembly Workers, Needle workers, Gardeners

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